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Today I would like to introduce to you Mason Tsuji, the owner of FIT 24 Hour Fitness Center right here in Gulf Breeze. I chose Mason for an interview, because of how he helped me as I began my transition to become more physically fit and healthy. He also happens to be a fellow Navy veteran who has a successful business hidden in plain sight. Whether it is for personal training, workout assistance, or just a basic membership, Mason and his gym are worth checking out! 

Q & A

Q: So Mason, what inspired you to start this business?

Mason says after his motorcycle accident in 2014, he was told by his doctors that his being in shape helped save his life. One day while in the ship’s gym, he was looking around, thinking, “man these guys could be doing this so much better.”


Q: When did you move to Gulf Breeze?

“I moved to Gulf Breeze in 2016 after finishing my service in the Navy, in Washington.”


Q: How would you advise a person interested in starting their own business?

“I am a firm believer of no safety net, if you are going to do something, GO! Don’t look back and know the direction you are going in.”


Q: Who and why is the most interesting/ influential person you have met here in Gulf Breeze?

“Les White. Because , literally since day one he has always been kind of an ear, kind of a helping hand, and guiding me.”


Q: What restaurant do your really enjoy frequenting?

“The Copper Bull, and The Original Store here in Navarre” It’s close by and locally owned.


Q: Where do you see your business in 5 or 10 years? 

 “ Obviously, expanding would always be a good thing. It would allow for me to move that cap higher.”(when it becomes an exclusive gym, he is capping the clientele.) One of the big reasons I would be going exclusive for, is the fact that in this gym you don’t have to wait for things. That’s a huge thing for me. In 10 years, there is potential for us to have a second location.”

Q: Is there anywhere you want to travel?

“That’s a tough one, because I ‘m a home body. I really like being at home and its really hard to walk away from your business. I went to Rome when I was in the Navy. So I would probably like to go back and experience it from a tourist mindset. I’m going to wait in a 6 hour line to get into see Michael Angelo and all those things. I just kind of ran around when I was there, because I only had 3 days while in the Navy.”

Q: What is your dream escape?  

“If I had the ability to, I would disappear into a wood shop. I love woodworking, it’s something that my grandpa Midway way back did and I got a little bit of time to do that with him.”


If you want to check out Mason’s gym, Fit 24 Hour Fitness Center, here is some additional information!

Address: 5608 Gulf Breeze Pkwy

                 Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

Phone:     850-565-5220​​​



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